‘Punk, funk & riffalicious’ an interview with Shopping

If you had to describe your music in 3 words, which words would you choose and why?

Punk because that word is still the best way to describe our ethos, funk because the bass just makes you gyrate, and … riffalicious?
You’ve all been in bands before, or are still playing in other bands. How does that influence Shoppings – both musically and otherwise?
I think we all knew we’d work really well as a band. We share many similarities in ethos and influences from our previous and current projects so Shopping is a definite continuation/ culmination of that. We also took what we liked from being in bands before and strived to concentrate on that with Shopping – we aim to be very active for as long as we can, releasing our music as often and as quickly as we can, touring as extensively as possible and reaching as many people as we can. It’s a very productive band!
Taking about influences: what bands keep you going?

There are a lot of influences we share when it comes to bands but a lot that we differ on, for the most part we all have a great love for classic post-punk, 79-85, the new york scene that gave us no-wave, and early UK groups in that vain such as Blurt, the Slits, the Pop Group, maximum Joy etc.

How would you describe your local music scene, and could you recommend some bands from your area?
I would describe the scene in London as fractuous but very lively. I think we don’t quite fit into any one “scene” but are very active in the DIY community if you like. we have a lot of friends we get to play with often but don’t share that much in common with them musically, so it’s more about the ethics and ideas behind bands that bring us all together. Bands to check out would be the amazing Ravioli Me Away – sharing some funky musical influences with us and definitely a great live band, they’ve got a simple post punk set up and make very groovy, melodic smash hits. Another band who’s sound is reminiscent of early post-punk would be Glasgow’s Aggi Doom (not strictly from our area but as a band we have strong connections to Glasgow and that scene), making at times dark but equally uplifting and danceable post-punk, we’re so happy to be going on a mini-tour of the UK with them in August! And for something completely different! check out our friends YOLA FATOUSH – an amazing synth-dance-pop-house-whatever duo that seem to be able to write limitless number of hooks! at least 2 albums worth of extremely catchy songs under the belt already and only been a band for a heartbeat.
Shopping includes members of some of our favourite bands: Trash Kit, Wetdog and Cover Girl. They’ll be playing Amsterdam Wednesday, May 15th at the Vrankrijk.

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